Baybayin at Zambulat

Baybayin Workshop

Baybayin : Hindi Alibata. Hindi Alfabeto.

Ang Baybayin ay ang tawag sa sinaunang pamamaraan ng pagsulat ng ating mga ninunong Taga Ilog o Tagalog. Ito ay hango sa salitang “Baybay” o pag syllabicate na taliwas sa Alpabeto at hindi rin nararapat na bansagang Alibata.

Head of the Baybayin Booth at the Zambulat Bazaar


Jacq, Jaki, Joy, JBA and Diyaki: Evolving names for her endeavors.

Jacq is a publicist and has done PR work for traditional media. She is a performance artist, percussionist, poet, and was a talent/ production staff of the first-ever Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino ( KontraGapi) 1997 World Tour. There, she was able to showcase her choreography on the different ways of wearing the Malong in Europe, Canada, and the States.

While in the corporate world, JBA never stopped doing volunteer work, forming artistic groups and organizing events. She co-founded Sanghabi, an NGO whose advocacy is to research and share the knowledge about Baybayin, Pahingalay, and our other Kalinangang Kayumanggi.

As a consultant for ABS-CBN Foundation’s Paco Market Rehabilitation Program, she held music, dance, acting, art and Baybayin writing workshops to the children of the market vendors right at the market’s activity center and organized the Paco Market Youth Music Ensemble.

Relocating to her roots, Joy was instrumental in promoting and branding the Cuerdas Cuadros Community Music and Arts Program of CASA San Miguel here in rural Zambales while being a booking manager for fellow heARTists in the local scene.

Jaki is a Civilian Human Resource, and contributes to being a speechwriter, Governance Strategy Management Office Guild of CHR, Technical / Creative writer for their Command in the AFP.

She is a graduate of UP AIT, is currently finishing up her Masters in Management at the UPDEPO and is the PIO of the UPEPO Student Council based in the Subic Freeport Zone.

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Baybayin Workshop

Pagsusulat ng Baybayin, layong buhayin ng grupong Hibla Sanghabi
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BAYBAYIN: Video Documentary about the Essence and Importance of the Baybayin Script


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