Situated under the CASA Grounds under the lush Mango Trees.  

With over 30+ Booths and Stalls covering everything from FOOD & BEVERAGE, TRADE PRODUCTS, ART WORKSHOPS, ACTIVITIES, EXHIBITS, DEMOS and more.

You only need to pay for CASA San Miguel Gate Entrance P50 for the BAZAAR. 

*Products and services sold are subject to their own fees.


Café La’ud Drinks and Bar Food
CASA Specialties Mozarella Mango Jams, Cashews
Lotus Dairy Farm Milk, Yogurt, Cheese
Norisa’s Isawan Ihaw Ihaw / Grilled Items
Lemonaide Fresh Lamonade
Humilitea Milk Tea, Snacks & Patries
Sambali Beach Farm Fresh Vegetables
LG & Dunhill Dry Goods Pusit, Tuyo, etc.
Eugenie’s Kitchen Baked Goods, Bibingka, Kakanin, etc.


SAZ Souvenirs Local Pundakit Products
Clay Ave Pottery Demo, Cermic Products
Salt form the North Traditionaly Harvested Sea Salt
Knotty Girl Crochet Swimsuit & Accessories
Galleons and Co. Vintage Clothing & Accessories
GLOBE Telecom SIM Cards, Promos and more
DTI Products Over 20 Local Manufacturers
Zambales Bonsai Society Bonsai Trees, etc.
Cerana Farms, Inc Local Zambalino Wines
SRRG Plasticfree Living Bamboo Straws, Utencils, etc.


Carabao Rides Tour the Mango Farm by Carabao
Mango Pick and Pay Pick your mango from the tree
Island Hopping Anawangin, Capones, Camara Tours
Cuerdas Cuadros Ihip Violin String 1 on 1 Workshop
Massage Head, Back, Foot Massage, Reflexology


Edru Abraham Traditional Instrument Workshop
Anino Shadowplay Collective Puppets & Props Display
Aliens of Pundaquit Intricate Alient Sculpture Display
Misa Casal Pottery Pottery Workshop
GUHIT Pinas Community Wall Painting Activity
Lala Pavilando Local Trinkets, Art Class, Sticker Collage
Russ Ligtas Merchandise, Tarot Reading
Marc Cosico Exhibit
Cinesambal Film Symposium, Meet Filmmakers
Baybayin Workshop Learn the ancient Baybayin script