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Arts and Culture have always been seen as a function of an urban construct. What CASA San Miguel has done is take the creative process and use it as a tool for building a community dedicated to excellence, service to the community, and nation-building.

Center for the Arts in San Miguel (CASA)  is a community-based arts center that has been devoted to a fishing village in Zambales since the 1993, where environmental disasters, economic opportunities and technological innovations have drastically transformed a once-humbled village of simple huts into a proud village of concrete homes.

CASA San Miguel
CASA San Miguel

Over the past decade, the sleepy town of San Antonio, Zambales, has been rattled by a sudden surge in tourism as more of its secluded coves become more known to the beach-chasing urbanites. Barangay Pundaquit in particular cashed in on this new opportunity. It has transformed fishing boats into passenger’s vessels, ferrying tourists to paradise. It has made resorts and guesthouses sprout along the streets as fast as lightning encourages mushrooms to flourish. And amid the scenic landscape and the overwhelming natural beauty of San Antonio, it is quite easy to walk past without a glance aside to the town that is equally fascinating — its cultural heritage.

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CASA San Miguel aims to highlight just that. Since its completion in 1921, this family retreat house in a 15-hectare mango orchard has sheltered and nurtured generations of talent including acclaimed concert violinist Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata. In 1993, he established the CASA San Miguel Foundation, which aims to “integrate culture and community development” in Zambales. The group has initiated several programs and workshops to hone and showcase the artistry of the locals.

What’s Around?

  • San Miguel Beach – 8 min walk
  • Church of Christ – 30 min walk
  • Anawangin Cove – 4.4 mi / 7.1 km
  • Agnain Cove – 4.1 mi / 6.7 km
  • Lubong-Nangoloan Falls – 11.3 mi / 18.1 km
  • SM City Olongapo – 23 mi / 36.9 km
  • Subic Bay – 18.2 mi / 29.3 km
  • Baloy Beach – 18.5 mi / 29.8 km
  • Inflatable Island – 20.6 mi / 33.1 km
  • Harbor Point Mall – 22.7 mi / 36.6 km
  • SBFZ Sports Complex – 22.9 mi / 36.9 km

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