Jazel Kristin

Cinesambal Jazel Kristin

Jazel Kristin is a documentary filmmaker and visual artist from the Philippines. Her practice combines photography, video, sound, and performance. Her themes are always connected to her travels, which she translated into narratives about displacement and finding a home.

She has collaborated with local and international artists of different disciplines, who have performed in France and the Philippines, for her video installation, “I Consume therefore I Am.” She completed residencies at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, France by the Mairie de Paris (2010), Santorini and Athens, Greece (2015) and in CASA San Miguel in Zambales, Philippines (2013, 2017 & 2019).

As a filmmaker, Jazel made the documentary of FILIPINAS screened around the Philippines, Asia, and Europe. In 2014, she made her personal documentary “Kailangang Umalis Para Makabalik” (One Must Leave In Order to Return), which premiered on Philippine TV. She has 20 years worth of video production experience under her belt, previously working as an editor, director and visual consultant of award-winning television programs in the Philippines. Currently, Jazel is a freelance director of documentaries for local and international release.

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