Plet Bolipata

CineSambal Plet Bolipata

Plet Bolipata’s art is defined by a deep feeling for the evocative qualities of surface, and how best they are employed to birth narratives and impart heightened emotions. She is known to combine themes from various sources, bridging unlikely pairings through assembly, collage, and construction. Her mixed media works, sculpture, and paintings are playful in character, putting to great use the expressive capacities of colour and form. Through accretion and painstaking weaving of elements in multi-dimensional forms, Bolipata succeeds to bring about a sharper contrast between familiar themes through beguiling surfaces. In these as well as other creative projects and through variously changing artistic formats, Plet’s practice shows a sharp intuition of design and structure. 

Her recent projects include a film which won Best Film, Best Director and Best Production Design at the 1st CineSambal Film Festival, the public art installation ImagiNation at the Ateneo University grounds, among others. She finished her first children’s book, “Little Red Riding Hood in Central Park”. The book features her as both author and illustrator (featuring her assemblages of crochet and knits).

Plet Bolipata:
‘I live in my own little world — but it’s okay, they know me here’


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