Things to bring

CASA San Miguel Concert Grounds

The Zambulat Arts & Music Festival is an all-day event so you might want to keep yourself comfortable while you are there.

Think of it as a #Saturdate PICNIC!

Satuday, February 29, 2020

From 9:00 AM to Midnight

CineSambal starts at 9 am 
Arts & Trade Bazaar starts at 10 am
Various Exhibits start at 10 am
Russ Ligtas’ The Other: Ariel starts at 5 pm
Zambulat Concert starts at 7 pm

Picnic Mat
Photo by Sunbae Legacy from Pexels

You may be there for a full 12 hours so here are things you might want to bring to the Zambulat Arts & Music Festival:

  1. BRING something to keep yourself cool. (Fan, Pamaypay, Portable Battery Operated Fan) – CASA San Miguel is mainly outdoors under the lush mango trees.  There may be a slight open air breeze.
  2. BRING a mat, banig, beach towel. – There are some areas in the CASA grounds where it would be nice to lay a mat and have a picnic (Chairs provided for Seniors, PWD, Pregnant Women)
  3. BRING some cash. – There’s a cafe, market, trade booths, food stalls for you to enjoy the whole day.  Exhibits, Activities, Workshops available from 10am.
  4. BRING a powerbank. Keeping your cellphone is crucial for communication, taking photos, browsing Facebook, posting to Instagram and tweeting on Twitter.
  5. BRING toiletries. – There are comfort rooms at CASA San Miguel where you can freshen up.
  6. BRING a change of clothes. – It may be warm during the daytime and you might want to change outfit for the Zambulat Concert. 🙂
  7. BRING portable picnic chairs. – You a camper or are you a backpacker? You probably have portable chairs / stools.  Bring it!
Portable Chair - Photo by Daan Stoof on Unsplash